New cover yo! Make sure to check out the actual video this song is from or you’ll be really confused. I’d never cover a song with so bad lyrics unless there was something really hilarious behind it, like right now :D Here’s the link to the awesome video by @roomieofficial that the song is from! #dropthatassdownlow #roomie #cover


Roses are red,
violets are blue,
Smythe is gay
and Harwood’s too.

Can’t belive it has been over a year since I met Eddy. G3 was the best time of my life and I still think about it every single day <3 I feel so lucky to have experienced it

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  • The hacker has easily found out Chris’ password
  • The hacker knew Chris’ schedule and that he would be on the plane and unable to deal with the general panic attack
  • The hacker probably wanted to make Chris angry and have his revenge (mainly because Chris adopted Cooper)

So my theory is that Brian Colfer is the hacker



has anyone done this yet?


New youtube video! Please reblog, I’m inboxing some of you who do! :D

me: i love [favorite fictional character] so much
friend: ok
me: no you dont understand

do you ever feel yourself being annoying or antisocial but you just cant stop

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my stepsister thought this apple was real and she took a few bites before realizing it was fake